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2009 Fast Pitch Finalists and Showcase Participants


$10,000 Prize Winner for the Best Overall Presentation
   Girls & Gangs
Dawn L. Brown
The mission of Girls & Gangs is to provide support and advocacy for girls and young women involved with the juvenile justice system by providing them with opportunities to envision and build successful lives.
Click here to view the pitch.

$5,000 Prize Winner for Innovation & Impact
   The Posse Foundation, Inc.
Halbe Dougherty-Wood
The Posse Foundation provides unprecedented educational opportunities for underserved youth. Posse identifies, recruits, and trains youth from urban public schools, sending them to college with four year, full-tuition leadership scholarships — and with the support of their “posse”. Click here to view the pitch.

$5,000 Prize Winner for Pitch
   A Window Between Worlds
Cathy Salser
A Window Between Worlds uses art as a healing tool to help survivors of domestic violence release their pain and end the cycle of abuse. Through collaborating with, shelters, AWBW assists survivors to handle anger, rebuild self-confidence, and take concrete steps to build a healthy future. Click here to view the pitch.

$2,500 Prize Winner for the Coaches' Award
   City Hall Fellows
Presenter: Bethany Rubin Henderson
City Hall Fellows gets smart young people working for our cities. They identify, recruit, empower and prepare racially and socio-economically diverse recent college graduates to run their own hometowns in the ways they
can make the biggest difference. Click here to view the pitch.

Other Finalists
   Compton Jr. Posse Foundation
Mayisha Akbar
Compton Junior Posse keeps kids on horses and off the streets. They compete with gangs by providing the same things gangs do: a safe haven, camaraderie, economic gain, and an adrenaline rush by riding a big horse.  Click here to view the pitch.

   Giving Children Hope
Jenise Steverding
Giving Children Hope is dedicated to alleviating poverty via medical surplus recovery. They take in medical supplies and equipment that would end up in our limited landfill space and redistribute them to clinics and hospitals in need to help children and families.  Click here to view the pitch.

   The Harmony Project
Margaret Martin
The Harmony Project keeps at-risk youth safe, in school, and out of trouble through year-round after-school music lessons, and the development of neighborhood youth orchestras.  Click here to view the pitch.

   Imagine LA
Jill Bauman
Imagine LA seeks to eliminate homelessness in Los Angeles by matching faith communities with homeless families and using a step-by-step mentorship program that teaches the families basic life skills.   Click here to view the pitch.

   Infrastructure Academy
Marcus Castain
Infrastructure Academy operates as an intermediary across industry, labor, government, and education to provide environmental education and green job opportunities to young people.  Click here to view the pitch.

   Shane's Inspiration
Tiffany Harris
Shane’s Inspiration works to eliminate bias against children with disabilities by creating Universally Accessible Playgrounds and programs that integrate children of all abilities socially, physically and emotionally, fostering acceptance, friendship and understanding.  Click here to view the pitch.


Showcase Participants

Center for Nonviolent Education and Parenting
Circle of Friends
Community Advocates for People's Choice
Free Arts for Abused Children
Get Lit - Words Ignite, Inc.
Growing Great
The Learning Garden
New City Public Schools
Proyecto Pastoral
Reef Check Foundation
Whole Child Foundation


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