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Kitchen Food Ventures

Presenter: Cherie Beasley, Director


Kitchen Food Ventures will be a fully approved FDA inspected commercial kitchen, used by entrepreneurs, culinary students, farmers, partnering colleges and the LAUSD licensed and approved by the local Department of Health, as well as by the California Department of Agriculture. Additionally, KFVI will be a one-stop source of services and information assembled to ensure the success and empowerment of its target population.

To that end the KFVI facility concept will encompass the following:

  • Dry, refrigerated, and frozen food/commodities storage
  • A commercial processing area with licenses for baking, canning, catering and freezing foods
  • Commercial office space for food-related businesses
  • A computer technology center, with scanner, laser printer, and state-of-art computers loaded with business, graphical, word processing and Internet software
  • A conference room for meetings or other group work coupled with commercial office space
  • Reception, fax, copying machine and other office related support services

KFVI is seeking funds to commence a seed marketing campaign and complete our business plan.

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For more information please call 310.281.7509 or email: info @ lasvp.org   PublishPal